Healthy Cooking

Improving the health and wellbeing of families in Santa Ana and surrounding communities by educating families on proper meal preparations and nutrition. Using hands-on training, patients will learn the best ways to plan and create delicious and affordable meals, customized to help manage obesity and chronic diseases.

Over the course of 6-weeks 15-25 patients will learn cooking and nutrition
basics such as:
• Culinary knife skills
• Food safety and cross-contamination avoidance techniques
• Nutritional factors that affect their health
• How to prepare healthy, low cost, delicious, meals that are also time
efficient and culturally congruent
• Managing their diabetes/ other obesity related diseases through a
balanced diet

In addition, patients will develop leadership skills through group work and hands on learning.


Program Coordinators

Hazel Benavides

Hazel Benavides

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