Health and Activity Programs Promoted for Youth


H.A.P.P.Y promotes active play and healthy eating habits among children residing in the city of Santa Ana, CA and surrounding areas.  H.A.P.P.Y  partners with the G.R.E.E.N Project as well as CoRE 4 Health, and serves about 100 children per month. 



The G.R.E.E.N Project

 James Madison Elementary, Santa Ana ,CA

Partnered with Madison Park Neighborhood Association, H.A.P.P.Y volunteers teach the community's children about the importance of healthy eating.  H.A.P.P.Y also engages children in active play, where they learn about teamwork and exercise. 

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CORE 4 Health

UCI Family Health Center, Pediatrics Clinic

Health Scholars partners with UCI Famliy Health Center to provide clinical experience to volunteers. CORE 4 Health volunteers helps parents find the resources they need, and promote the importance of avid reading for children.